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IATA’s Business Intelligence & Statistics Services are focal point for information services within the aviation industry.

By bringing together traffic statistics, airport market intelligence, cargo market intelligence, market research, airline passenger market intelligence, and a variety of other services, our clients will obtain a timely access to comprehensive, high-quality industry intelligence.

An introduction to IATA Traffic data & Statistical analysis

Learn more about our full suite of traffic data and statistics, including the World Air Transport Statistics (WATS), our Monthly Traffic Statistics and our 20 Year Passenger Forecast?.?



Product/segment matrix

Product Travel & Tourism airports airlines govt. financial ?MRO
AirportIS   X       ?
Airsat     X     ?
CargoIS     X     ?
?Direct Data Solutions ? ? ?X ? ? ?
?Global Agency Pro ?X ? ? ? ? ?
?MarketIS ?X ? ? ? ? ?
Monthly Statistics X X X X X ?
?MRO SmartHub     ??X ?X ? ??X   ?
PaxIS     X     ?
WATS   X X X X ?


Product details

product description key features segmented to
?AirportIS ?Comprehensive aviation database that captures 100% of traffic around the world and assembles into a single platform the total market supply and demand. ?Information on schedules itineraries and travel monthly data.
  • ?Airports
Airsat Industry benchmark tool delivering valuable passenger insight to support your airline’s customer experience strategy. Unique in the industry as it acts as a single point of reference for passenger satisfaction benchmarking for airlines. Insight on end-to-end passenger experience, industry benchmarking, satisfaction drivers and passenger profiling.
  • ?Airlines

CargoIS provides a true picture of market dynamics across more than 140,000+ airport-to-airport unique trade lanes, reflecting the business of 30,000 freight forwarders and more than 200 airlines and GSAs.

CargoIS sources its data from over 19 million air waybills, representing US$ 26 billion worth of airfreight charges.

  • ?Airlines
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Airports
  • GSAs
  • GHAs
Direct Data Solutions Led by IATA and ARC, the service provides the travel industry with timely, accurate and cost effective access to global airline sales data. Data sharing, company/market comparison and ranking features.
  • ?Airlines
?Global Agency Pro ??An online business Intelligence tool that helps tourism boards and destination marketing organizations identify the most valuable agencies for their destination. ??Sales and ticketing. ?
  • Travel & Tourism Board
?MarketIS ?A vital source of global passenger flow data - Customized adhoc reports provide an accurate ‘snapchot’ of airline passenger traffic worldwide, enabling better decision making. ?Ticketing data, monthly & yearly performance, revenue passenger kilometer (RPK) and sales features.
  • ?Airlines
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Institutions
  • Travel & Tourism Board
Monthly Statistics The timeliest report for monthly airline traffic monitoring, representing the entire industry and all regions. Data traffic features.
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Institutions
?MRO SmartHub IATA’s MRO SmartHub revolutionizes the surplus aftermarket. The neutral web-based platform can facilitate the difficult decisions airlines, MRO service providers, appraisers, lessors, and insurers need to make. MRO SmartHub offers industry-tuned capabilities allowing users to evaluate surplus parts quickly and accurately. Combining all necessary procurement statistics with market availability and turnaround time, users can reduce operational resource requirements. ?
  • ?Airlines
  • MRO Service Providers
  • OEMs
  • Lessors
  • Appraisers
  • Insurers
PaxIS The most comprehensive airline passenger market intelligence database available today, with accurate, reliable and affordable data captured through IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP). ?Data coverage worldwide and delivery protocols.
  • ?Airlines
WATS ??Complete statistical picture of the airline industry. Traffic operations, performance and supply of air transport.
  • ?Airlines
  • Airports
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Institutions